We were referred to Goldman Axelman after our 8th grade son was diagnosed with reading issues, expressive and receptive language issues and slow processing speed. My husband and I were concerned that IU and SD were overlooking and minimizing his problems and Stacy’s extremely detailed initial evaluation and report helped us to realize we weren’t overreacting at all and our concerns were valid! Jan’s tireless commitment to helping him and the compassion she shows about him as a person brings tears to our eyes. He has worked diligently with Jan for over a year now, he still looks forward to going to speech each week (which is something to say for a teenage boy!) and his progress has been nothing short of amazing! He not only is opening up more with us about what is on his mind but have seen major improvement in his self-confidence and comfort in dealing with others (friends and strangers alike). Goldman/Axelman has been a Godsend to our son and entire family.

Leslie and Bill Flick

My three daughters have all received support from Goldman and Axelman Speech and Language Associates. I can say, without a doubt, the learning support my three daughters have received has given them the tools to learn in ways that suit them best. They are able to be their best learners because of the support they have received at Goldman and Axelman Speech and Language Associates. To me, Stacy Axelman is a friend, learning consultant and an advocate for my children. Her support, knowledge and advice are invaluable to our family. I know that each one of the educators my girls work with care about the girls as students and as individuals. Their goal is to help my daughter succeed academically and to feel good about herself. I'm not quite sure where we would be without their support, but I know that my girls wouldn't feel as good about themselves as learners without these educators in their lives.

Kimberly Coulson

Our family is so grateful to have found Goldman and Axelman Speech and Language Associates. Stacy's initial evaluation of our son was nuanced and thoughtful, and Jan Weschler's continued work with him has helped him very much in a relatively short period of time. The group as a whole is friendly and warm, and we love coming into the office.

Tamar Jacobs

We can't say enough good things about our experience with Stacy. Having a child with a speech issue can be stressful for children and their parents, and Stacy was able to put the whole family at ease immediately with her warm demeanor and expert understanding of speech physiology. She built a trusting relationship with our son and taught to his specific learning style. At the same time she was a wonderful communicator with us, providing regular, detailed updates on our son's progress. We saw consistent and significant improvement in his speech. Stacy's professionalism, skill, and disposition made her an indispensable member of our son's support team. We recommend her wholeheartedly.

Rachel and Eric Schwartz

As parents my husband and I approached the idea of our young child receiving regular attention from a speech therapist with a fair degree of anxiety. But not only has our son developed a fruitful and flourishing relationship with his therapist, so have we. Our son’s progress has been carefully cultivated and enthusiastically celebrated by Staci, his supportive and superb SLP. She takes the time to explain to us what he has mastered and what new goals are before him and helps us in how we can support his growth at home as well. My son eagerly anticipates his sessions and robustly works during them thanks to a course of treatment designed to meet his unique needs and play to his interests administered by a wonderfully cheerful, child-centered and caring professional – just one of many such individuals I have had the opportunity to meet in this special practice. As an educator and as a parent I value the care, dedication and enthusiasm of the talented professionals here. I feel very fortunate, indeed, for my son to achieve his fantastic growth and development thanks to them!

Margaret R. Granados, Head of Lower School — The Shipley School

Goldman & Axelman came recommended by a top psychologist in the area so I knew going into our first appointment that excellence would be found. My family is so incredibly grateful for the services we have received from Goldman & Axelman over the years. Each of my children needed very different speech and language therapies, both have overcome their differences within a short amount of time. My children absolutely adore going to sessions at Goldman & Axelman and feel that it is a treat rather than a chore! We are so lucky this incredible practice is in our community.