Building Skills, Enriching Communication and Expanding Potential for Children

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Axelman Speech, Language and Learning Group, located in Narberth, Pennsylvania, is a private pediatric practice devoted to the assessment and remediation of communication delays and disorders for children 1 through 18.

The practice is committed to becoming active collaborative partners with parents and school districts as they seek functional learning and communication solutions for their children. Our group offers comprehensive clinical assessment, therapy intervention services, and educational consultation for a wide range of speech, language, social-pragmatic and academic concerns.

We are excited to introduce our new clinical offices located at 117 Forrest Avenue, Suite 210, Narberth, PA 19072.



Our therapists recognize that parents often approach that first step into intervention full of questions, uncertainty and worry. Our goal is to address your questions with accuracy and care and to put some of that worry to rest. Many of our therapists are parents, too, and realize how difficult it is to tackle a problem on your child's behalf.


Critical to the design of any intervention plan is establishing a clear understanding of the specific problems that need to be addressed. An initial conversation outlining the family's concerns is followed by a scheduled, individually designed comprehensive assessment battery. This is required for each new client entering the practice or for those returning to the practice after six months.


Once a therapy plan has been created and discussed with the family, individual therapy sessions with a specific clinician are scheduled. These sessions are typically twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon the recommendation of the clinician and the age of the child.